Goulburn River

The Goulburn River in Seymour

The Goulburn River is Victoria’s longest river spanning 654 kilometres beginning in the highlands of the Victorian Alps and flowing out into the Murray River on the Victorian and NSW Border. Seymour sits idyllically on the banks of the Goulburn with calm waters meandering around the township. The Goulburn River at Seymour is wider than usual from bank to bank and features shallow and deeper water sections. The banks are flurry with large gum trees teaming with bird life, watching the sunset over the river and listening to the kookaburras is an Australian dream to be had in Seymour.

Did you know the Goulburn River is Heritage listed for it’s recreational, scenic and cultural values? Seymour has riverside walks and parks, boat ramps and fishing jetties, the Goulburn River can truly be enjoyed in Seymour.

The Old Goulburn Bridge

The old Goulburn Bridge was the entrance to Seymour from the Hume Highway and the crossing place over the Goulburn River between Melbourne and Sydney. The bridge was constructed in 1893 and is National Trust listed, the bridge structure remains but cannot be crossed. The bridge is visible from a viewing platform along the Seymour River Trail which begins at the New Crossing place.

The Seymour River Trail

The trail begins at the New Crossing Place and meanders through natural bushland and along the banks of the Goulburn River. The walk also includes plenty of picnic spots to enjoy the view of the river. Enjoy nature without leaving town and introduce the kids to the simple pleasures of birdwatching and wildlife-spotting.

Fishing in the Goulburn

Fishing on the banks of the Goulburn River is one of the most relaxing and fun things you can do. Fish species include redfin, cod, yellowbelly and Murray cod. Fishing can be done from the Banks of the river but it’s important to check out licencing requirements first (vfa.vic.gov.au/fishing-licence).

Boating in the Goulburn

Boat ramps are located at Goulburn Park and New Crossing Place in Seymour and are the perfect place to launch your boat or canoe and make the most of the calm waters and take in the beauty of the river red gum’s which make up the river banks.

Camping on the Goulburn

It’s possible to camp right on the banks of the Goulburn River in Seymour, Big 4 Caravan Park offer powered and non-powered camping sites on the green lawns of Goulburn Park. Free camping is also available along the banks of Northwood Road  just outside Seymour with views of the Old Goulburn Bridge.