Australian Light Horse Memorial Park

The Australian Light Horse Memorial Park is one of Seymour’s greatest attractions, located just one kilometre from the centre of Seymour. The land the park occupies began it’s history as apart of an extensive cattle and sheep run known as ‘Marengo’ inn 1848.  In 1910 Lord Kitchener then Commander in Chief of the British Army visited Seymour during his review of Australia’s military capabilities, he was met with an impressive parade of 4,000 men 2,000 horse and artillery. In 1914 when the Great War broke out, Kitchener was appointed Secretary of State for War and because of his favourable views of Seymour, the ‘Seymour Camp’ was established. The Seymour Camp was used for military training and activities during WW1 between 1914 and 1921, and WW2 during 1939 and 1942.

Address: Australian Light Horse Memorial Park Goulburn Valley Highway, Seymour VIC 3660

The park includes dams, ponds, bushland and a walking trail with information about the military history which took place on the site. Once you’ve completed the walk and made it to the top of Anzac Hill, you’ll be rewarded with endless views toward the National Trust listed Trawool Valley and Tallarook Ranges, beautiful any time of year, although sunset and sunrise are pretty special here. The park is easily accessible with plenty of parking and open space to enjoy yourself and take in the beauty.